NZ lamb is the best in the world

All our NZ lamb comes from grass fed, free-range animals living outdoors on New Zealand pasture. No hormones are used in NZ lamb and it is processed in Halal facilities.

Why choose NZ Lamb?

You won’t find better lamb than New Zealand lamb. All our lamb comes from grass fed, free-range animals living outside on pasture. No hormones are used in New Zealand lamb production to ensure animals grow naturally. Antibiotics are only used for welfare reasons if absolutely necessary. The result is a great tasting, natural product for you to enjoy.

New Zealand farms

With a temperate climate and abundant pasture, New Zealand is ideal for farming lamb. Our animals are raised on farms from the Hawke’s Bay, East Coast and Central North Island districts, where farmers take the greatest care to provide our animals with a happy, healthy life. New Zealand has world leading farming practices and sets the highest standards for animal welfare.

From farm to plate

The majority of our supply comes from within an hour of our processing facilities. This ensures minimal stress for the animals and a superior end product. Our production facilities hold BRC Certification and Halal accreditation. Using best industry practices and the latest technology, all our lamb is processed with the strongest emphasis on quality and food safety.

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