Becoming a lamb supplier for Davmet

We offer our lamb suppliers a competitive and easy to follow payment schedule with no surprises. Contact us to find out more about becoming a lamb supplier.

Our farms and farmers

We work with a loyal and long-standing group of sheep farmers located throughout the Hawke’s Bay, East Coast and Central North Island regions of New Zealand. Livestock provides the livelihood for our farmers and they raise animals with the greatest care and to the highest welfare standards as set out in New Zealand’s legislation and world leading farming practices.

The Region

Davmet is based in Hawkes Bay on the East Coast of New Zealand. With a warm and temperate climate it is a region synonymous with the production of quality livestock and produce. Grass grows continuously allowing our lambs to be farmed outside and live an extensive free range lifestyle all year round.

Why supply us

We offer our lamb suppliers a competitive and easy to follow Lamb Payment Schedule with no surprises. Our requirements of supply follow a standard procedure which is easy to comply with and practical. Davmet has operated for over thirty years with consistent, solid financial performances and we value the strength of the supplier relationships we’ve developed during this time.