Exporting premium NZ lamb for over thirty years

Davmet exports the finest NZ lamb to the world. Whilst seasonal by nature we ship year round by working alongside local farmers to capture the product at its best.

About Davmet

Davmet is a privately owned and operated specialist New Zealand lamb procurement and export marketing company. Based in Hawke’s Bay, we’ve been working alongside local farmers for more than thirty years to supply premium New Zealand lamb to leading food distributors and processors around the world.

Our History

Davmet was formed by Colin Francis in 1982 while living in London with the assistance of Arthur Davis, a well known identity in the UK Meat Trade. Davmet was an existing, but unused, shelf company owned by Arthur that Colin used to get business under way - with the name remaining to this day. Colin’s involvement in the meat industry started back in New Zealand in 1970 at the Hawkes Bay Farmers Meat Coy located at Whakatu. In 1976 he moved to London and worked on Smithfield market for Houlton Meats, a company owned by Arthur. Colin briefly returned to New Zealand to do a two year stint at Wrightson’s trading meat out of Wellington before returning to the UK for a second time in 1982. This was to establish Davmet UK in partnership with Houlton Meats. In 1989 the opportunity arose to process 50,000 lambs per year at Progressive Meats in Hastings. This lead to the creation of Davmet New Zealand and an office was opened in Taradale by Ian McGarvie who had now joined the company. Colin returned from the UK along with Iain McNicol and Rob Wilson was appointed the Production Manager soon after. The Houlton Meats shares were brought out in 1992 with Ian McGarvie becoming a shareholder at the same time. The office was relocated to the current site at Station Street, Napier in 1995. Ian retired in 2020 with Chris Pyke taking over his position and shareholding in the company. At various times Davmet NZ had interests in meat processing facilities in the North and South Islands but today only toll processes at Progressive Meats in Hastings.

Our capabilities

Davmet's production has grown from 50,000 lambs per year to more than 400,000. We produce a wide range of standard and customised cuts for customers with specific product, packaging and labelling requirements. We select and buy the livestock directly from our farmer suppliers, arrange their delivery to the plant and manage the orders to the specifications our customers want. Once produced we book the shipping to suit the delivery needs and handle all the associated documentation from our Hawke’s Bay office to track orders right through the supply chain for delivery anywhere in the world.