electronic Animal Status Declaration (eASD)

The eASD offers New Zealand advantages in animal product traceability and market access while increasing efficiency and reducing administration for farmers and industry.

Get started by downloading the app

The eASD app is available on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Registering in eASD

Account Details

Username: Enter a username to login to the eASD application
Email Address: Enter your email address, this will be the address any notifications are sent to
Password/Confirm Password: Enter a strong password you will remember that contains at least 1 capital letter, 1 number and 1 special character

Personal Details

Title: Select the title you prefer to go by
First Name/Given Names: Enter your name
Last Name/Surname: Enter your last name
Stock Owner or Trade Name: This is your trading name (if you have one) or the name of the stock owner
Date of Birth: Select your date of birth using a date selector

Contact Details

Address: Enter your postal address including your town/city and post code; this address may be used to contact you
Primary Contact Number: Enter the phone number that is best to contact you on
Alternative Contact Numbers: Enter any alternative numbers you can be contact on, these are optional fields

Security Check

There is now a CAPTCHA code to enter before registration can continue. Please enter the code as you read it, or press “Refresh” to generate a new one.


Once you have entered all of your information, select the register button.

Creating an eASD

Creating an eASD - Sheep

After logging in to the eASD web or mobile applications, click “create sheep ASD”

The Basics

When the stock are moving it is essential to include information on:

  • Where they’re moving from
  • Which meat processor they’re moving to-Progressive Meats Ltd
  • The date the movement is occurring
  • What exporter they are going to-Davmet

Next add the tallies of the lambs you are sending to the works. In the description field, include any information that could be useful: breed, age, raddle markings and what payment terms they are. E.g 100 ewe lambs pink raddle on head.

Go through the form selecting either yes or no for each question

Once you click “declare” and double check that everything’s correct, you then tick here to show that you understand and agree with the declaration.

You then fill out the details of the transport operator before finally entering when the animals went off feed and when they were picked up. Note-you do not need to enter the truck license plate, it will be accepted without it.

Hit submit when the ASD has been completed correctly. That’s it! Your electronic ASD form has been sent to Progressive Meats and is available to view, edit or print.

Now that you’ve created an eASD, here’s how you can view, print or edit it

On the home page, click “show my ASDs”. Now you can see all the eASDs you’ve created.

To view an ASD click on the view icon, and to print, click print. Keep in mind that the meat processor will be notified of any changes you make and you can only edit IF the processor hasn’t already completed it.

You can edit your tally or any part of the ASD here. You will have to resubmit it and the processor will be notified of your change.

You can print or download this form and send it to anyone that requires it.

If you have any questions around electronic ASDs or any suggestions on how this process can be improved contact Jack 027 431 3099.